Wholesale Broking


MontClair specialises in many fields. In order to provide the best service to our customers in our role as consultant and broker in the commercial sector, it is important for us to have knowledge of and be able to access the insurance market, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Only in this manner can we take the best possible action to guarantee that our customers pay the right price for the right insurance products.


Prominent insurers

As a rule, we do business with all licensed insurers in the Netherlands, i.e. Dutch insurers, or the Dutch offices of international insurers. We are, however, not limited to this group – if necessary we also call on the services of insurers registered outside of the Netherlands.

Your benefit

The large number of insurers in the Dutch market means that we have access to an unequalled range of suppliers. In addition to being known as one of the most professional in the world, the Dutch market is also one of the most competitive, a fact that should ultimately be to our customers’ benefit.

Pro-active relationship

We are only too happy to make our knowledge and experience available to you, our valued partners in the sector. We maintain active business relationships with a large, fast-growing group of insurance brokers. These partnerships are geared towards providing access to the many, sometimes hidden opportunities that are to be found within the national and international insurance market.

Success guaranteed!

This collaboration results in a win-win situation for both parties. as you will be able to stand up to competition in the case of new or existing customers, with new access to markets previously unavailable to you directly. The earlier we are included in your commercial plans, the better we can support you with relevant information about the market. In this way, you significantly increase your business opportunities.

Fruitful collaboration

Our partnership begins once clear-cut working agreements have been made and set out in a collaboration agreement, including clarity on matters such as portfolio transfer rights. After all, a fruitful partnership always starts with clarity and transparency for both parties. That is what MontClair stands for – both as a customer and a fellow businesspartner in the sector.