Service is a way of life

The MontClair Group provides expert advice in the fields of risk management, general insurance and employee benefits, in both the national and international business market.

We put personal service first, taking a pro-active approach which means that you as a customer can rely on MontClair's help to keep your risks under control and your insurance portfolio up-to-date. We also operate in a straightforward manner with clear transparency, so that you always know exactly what you are paying for, and why.

Risk management


Risk management is an important tool for combating business risks, which represent a threat to the continuity within your company.

General insurance


Your business is unique. Can the same be said of your insurance? Are your policies perfectly tailored to suit your business needs? MontClair can provide made-to-measure solutions.

Employee benefits


Employee benefits constitute an important part of your employee remuneration package. But are they manageable and affordable in terms of administration?