MontClair Groep B.V.

MontClair Groep

The MontClair Group provides expert advice in the fields of risk management, general insurance and employee benefits, in both the national and international business market. Our service is built on three main principles: full service, second opinion and due diligence.

MontClair’s registered offices are in Hilversum, and it is from here that we serve the whole of the Netherlands, and increasingly the rest of the world.

Just like our customers, we have a clear passion for business whose key concepts include personal service, short lines of communication and a pro-active approach.
Although this way of working means that we are not the biggest company, we are a party with genuine concern for and interest in the successful continuity of your business. From this working method, our mission is born: To advise medium-sized businesses with full cost transparency, to enable them to make better choices regarding their operational management.

MontClair its day-to-day management is in the hands of the management team.