Second opinion

Our expertise is your benefit

second-opinion Commercial success depends on many factors, many of which you thankfully have under your own control. But as you may suspect: there is always room for improvement. One step towards further improving the organisation of your business is a critical assessment of your insurance portfolio. Your adviser will ensure that your package is up to date. And of course, you always get value for money – or do you? When was the last time somebody took a serious look at your insurance portfolio?

Calling in our help is actually not such a strange idea. We will take a fresh look at your insurance portfolio. Think of it as a second opinion – obligation-free and informative. A fresh, independent perspective can often shed new light on matters. For example: take new developments and legislation of which you are still currently unaware, but which in all probability can provide considerable savings. And if there are no improvements to be made, then that is what we will tell you. That’s what an objective second opinion demands.

Our approach?
MontClair will provide an independent audit and assessment of your insurance portfolio, taking into account market developments that may affect certain types of insurance and the associated premiums.

Interested? Feel free to contact us, obligation-free.
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