Regarding the remuneration of our services, we make arrangements with you in advance. However the remuneration is arranged, we are entirely transparent and open about this.

The remuneration for MontClair’s services is included in the premiums you pay to the insurers for the insurances that are arranged through our brokerage. The insurer pays out the remuneration included in the premium to MontClair as a commission.

These commissions can be seen as fixed remuneration for the work that MontClair does. MontClair is entirely transparent about the height of the remuneration that insurers pay for MontClair’s work.

Other forms of remuneration are also possible, for example in the form of fees and subscriptions, whether or not in combination with commissions. These noncommission remunerations are set down in a separate document that we add to the Business Protocols as appendix, when applicable.

Besides the ongoing activities like advising on and managing your insurances, we are also available for incidental assignments. These assignments are always performed by us on fee basis.

MontClair will, on request, provide insight to the client of the time spent on the associated activities. The applicable hourly rates will also be provided.

MontClair uses the following hourly rates for the year 2021:

Management EUR 245,-
Senior Advisor EUR 195,-
Client visit EUR 195,-
Travel EUR 145,-
Pension Advisor EUR 165,-
Closing of policies EUR 165,-
Claims handling EUR 150,-
Client management EUR 150,-
Administration EUR 115,-